Window & Door Waterproofing

Window Wrap NEW
STOP COSTLY WINDOW LEAKS ...and have a quieter, more energy efficient home

Moisture is the enemy of your structure. Water and moisture vapor can damage any building and cause expensive, time consuming call backs.

Large developers from coast-to-coast are now specifying Window Wrap by name. Window Wrap may be used to strip in the flanges of wood, metal and vinyl windows, around doors or other openings or as a flashing wherever a uniform, dependable waterproofing barrier is required.

Window Wrap is constructed of a tough aluminized, multi-layer polymer film, coated with specially-formulated rubberized asphalt. A silicone release paper protects the adhesive surface and is removed as the product is installed.


Thickness:        25 Mils
Widths:            4", 6", 9", 12", 18", 36"
Packaging:        300 ft. per carton

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**See diagram illustrating application of Window Film
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