Surface Protection Films

Carpet Protection Film


Carpet Guardian is designed specifically for carpets. Provides a super-tough self-adhesive clear polyethelyne film which resists puncturing. Reverse wound Carpet Guardian unwinds with the adhesive-side down for easy application. After the job is done, just peel up the Carpet Guardian Film and peel up JOB SITE DIRT & GRIME. It's that easy!

The carpet is clean as when you started and you don't face the high costs of carpet cleaning.


The Carpet Guardian consists of a very strong linear, low density polyethylene film which has an overall thickness of 2.3 mils. The adhesive consists of a specially formulated pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive that offers an adhesion-to-steel value averaging 27 oz. per inch.

Available in 24" x 200'; 24" x 500'; 36" x 500' and 48" x 500'.

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Carpet Protection Applicator

Why not make your job easier by using our carpet film applicator. Adjustable to fit our 24" and 36" carpet protection film.

#592225400 24" Carpet Applicator
#592236500 36" Carpet Applicator
#592248500 48" Carpet Applicator

Carpet Protection Film

Carpet Protection Film, 3 Mil Clear, reverser wound

24" x 200 ft

24" x 500 ft

36" x 500 ft

48" x 500 ft

Marble/Stone Countertop Protection Film

#30L40 - 3 MIL LDPE Clear or Light blue film offers protection on most marble, granite and stone countertops and bathroom sinks and tubs. Protects the surface against scratches & debris during the construction process

PRICE: 24” x 600 yards - 59.95 per roll

Multi-Purpose Floor Protection

#30RW400 - Self-adhering 3 mil BUE Polyethylene filme protects hard surfaces from scratches, debris, and damage. Protects and releases cleanly from surfaces such as tile, marble, granite, vinyl, linoleum, and factory finished hardwood flooring.


24" x 200' 27.85 per roll
36" x 200' 41.95 per roll