Plumbing Tapes

HVAC Aluminum Foil Tapes

A variety of foils tapes are available including UL 723 rated foil tapes for sealing aluminum foil faced duct systems.

Duct Tape

Economy grade duct tapes to premium contractor's grade duct tapes are being offered in a wide variety of colors and thickness.

Teflon Thread Sealant

Pipe thread sealant tape designed to wrap the end of pipes for easy fittings. Sealing threaded joints.

Vinyl Pipewrap Tapes

Offering 10 mil and 20 mil black PVC tapes for corrosion protection. Available in black, yellow & white.

Insulating Pipe Fitting Tape

#200 is a 5 mil strong conformable white vinyl film coated with a special rubber based adhesive that adheres well to PVC fittings. It is used primarily to seal joints in pipe coverings, T’S and valves in PVC material. Meets PPP-T-66D, Type I specifications.