#103C – 7 Mil Premium Grade COLORED Vinyl Electrical Tape

Comparable to 3M 35

  • Cold and Weather Resistant

  • Very conformable making it ideal for wrapping small wires

  • Provides moisture tight electrical and mechanical protection

  • UL Listed, CSA approved

  • Meets ROHS & California standards for lead content

#850 – 8.5 Mil Premium Grade Vinyl Electrical Tape

Comparable to 3M 88 and 88T, Plymouth 85, Permacel 22

  • High Stretch & rebound nature provides moisture-tight protection.

  • Temperature range: -12C to 105C

  • Cold & Heat Resistant – Suitable for Cold and Hot Environoments

  • Resists UV Rays, alkalis, abrasion, moisture and corrosion.

#750 – 7.0 Mil Professional HIGH QUALITY Grade Vinyl Tape

Comparable to 3M #33+, Plymouth #111 and Permacel P-29

  • High Stretch & rebound nature provides moisture-tight and Protection

  • Meets UL 510 requirements, CSA approved

  • -12 C to 105 C

  • Tape maintains tensile strength, adhesion and intergrity over broad

Temperature range

Electrical Tapes

#75A 7.5 Mil Cold Weather Vinyl

High Quality PVC Black Electrical tape. Resists UV rays, acids, alkalines, abrasions, moisture and corrosion. Flame Retardant, Meets UL510 requirements, CSA approved.
Cross Reference: 3M #33+

#40 Rubber Splicing Tape, 30 Mil

Self Fusing with liner. High quality unvulcanized rubber that bonds quickly to itself to form a solid mass of water tight protection for electrical wires. Dielectric strength is 490 volts per mil.
Cross Reference: Plymoth Rubber #2002, #2004, #2020

#45 Friction Tape

Cloth construction offering good mechanical protection against abrasion and penetration of cable, splices and wire.
Cross Reference: Plymoth #1002, #1004, #1038

#25 Electrical Filler Tape

Butyl based insulation, 1/8" thick for easy quick buildup, self amalgamating, will not corrode copper or aluminum and highly moisture resistant.

#43 High Voltage Linerless Rubber

Self-bonding, 30 mil high voltage linerless rubber tape.
Equal to 3M 130C

1/4" x 30ft 48 rolls per case
** call for other widths and roll lengths

#160 Red Self-Bonding Silicone Tape

20 Mil red self-bonding silicone rubber tape, high dielectric strength

1" x 30ft 48 rolls per case
** call for other widths and roll lengths

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