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Cargo Tapes

Flame Retardant Glass Cloth Tape meets FAR 25.855 specifications for seam sealing and repair of cargo compartment liners. Tape can endure high adhesion over a wide temperature/humidity range.

Printed, linerless, flame retardant glass cloth tape for aircraft cargo compartment seam sealing.


Cargo pit applications. Seam sealing (taping) and repair of cargo compartment liners for use on covering pins/rivets where high adhesion and flame resistance is critical.

Features & Benefits

Glass cloth design resists flame penetration for safety. High conformability. Easy to install and accommodates angles and turns. High adhesion properties eliminates lifting and curling. Creep resistance maintains seal under load. Visibility of F.A.R. 25.853(a) and F.A.R. 25.855(d) printed.

Product Construction


Flame Retardant Rubber


Fiberglass Cloth

Special Conditions


Flame Retardant


FAA - FAR 25.853 (a)/FAR 25.855 (d)

Foil Masking

Aluminum Foil tape designed to protect window surfaces against stringent chemical paint stripping agents. Highly conformable and simple to use. Meets Government Spec. L-T-8013 & MIL-T-23397B.

Double-Coated Carpet Tape

Offers flame retardant for carpet installation on interior floors and stairs of commercial aircraft. Meets FAR 25.853 (b)

Erosion Protection

Protects the edges of the wing, tail and propellers from erosion. Extremely tough polyurethane tape increases the overall life of these parts.

Galley Tape

This tough black PVC tape is designed to serve as a moisture barrier on the flooring of the lavatory and galley areas. FAA approved. Available in 18" and 36" widths.